10 Tips For Planning A Trip To India

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10 Tips For Planning A Trip To India: A Local Guide

13 Jun , 2016  

India has attracted the fancy of many a traveller, for it’s different regions and customs offer entirely new experiences. No matter where your travel in India takes you, you’ll uncover an entirely new experience in each region. It isn’t merely a gulp of culture when a country has so much to offer. From one corner of […]

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Eating On A Budget In Italy

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Eating on a Budget in Italy

18 May , 2016  

A trip to Italy isn’t complete without one thing: good food. Pastas, pizza, gelato, wine – there’s so much to taste and so little time! What sets food in Italy apart, though, is simply the quality of local products. GUEST POST BY JESSICA ANDREWS (WWW.ONEDAYINITALY.COM) A simple sandwich from a corner bar will be more […]

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Chillin' In A Fijian Hammock

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A Short Story About Bed Bugs In Fiji

24 Mar , 2016  

7 years ago I had the trip of a lifetime. After graduating back in 2009 I decided I wasn’t ready to go straight into full time employment, I needed to do something that I had always dreamt of – travel the world! I was in Brighton yesterday with James, my fiancé (who travelled the world with […]

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