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Backpacking Buds is a popular up and coming backpacking travel blog providing readers with inspirational stories, informative how-to’s, app spotlights as well as plenty of other engaging articles. Kyle and Scott know that social media is just as important as top quality content and invest a lot of effort into growing and maintaining an engaged captive audience.

2K Twitter followers, 1K Instagram followers and counting!

Without a doubt there is a long way to go, but the future is bright for the Backpacking Buds. They are being recognised as one of the best up and coming backpacking blogs. Specialising in the digital nomad and budget traveller niches – the differing opinions of the two give a great overview of everything they do.

Site Demographics

According to Google Analytics, Backpacking Buds has an audience mainly consisting of 18-34 year olds that are ‘technophiles’ and ‘travel buffs’. The gender split is male (73.5%) to female (23.5%), showing that the site is a great outlet for any male-orientated products, but the site also has a strong (and growing) female following. As expected the site has strong international followings with the UK (50%) and the USA (20%) being the highest traffic areas.

SEO Optimised

The old search buzzword, but it has to be mentioned. The duo both have experience in SEO with Kyle having hailed from a web development background. This knowledge has allowed Backpacking Buds to become extremely search friendly. Their site targets users who are interested in Backpacking Travel, Adventure Travel, Digital Nomads, Travel Apps and Entertainment Blogs.


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