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About Us

Who are you guys?

We hear you and here is the answer. Our names are Kyle and Scott. We are two life-long friends from a small coastal town in the South East of the UK, who have always dreamt about travelling the world. Now we are living our dream, we try to document most things we do either here, on our YouTube channel, via Instagram or on Twitter.

Our Story

Who better to travel to world with than a friend who has your back, who will give you the last Oreo, or if needs be, will get you some strong medication and a few fluids when you get a bad case of Delhi belly!

From school, to university, to now – we have always been great friends. We grew up in the small Sussex town of Eastbourne, before heading to Portsmouth for our University years. Heading home in search of jobs, we would go on our annual holiday and always resent having to go home – now we don’t have too.

Starting in New Delhi – we plan to visit over over 24 countries in the next 24 months, working and volunteering as we go.

Our travel goals

  • To travel sustainable; that is both environmentally and financially. We will be promoting how to protect our world, while we also work and volunteer around it.
  • Develop ourselves. Learn new languages, new recipes, new exercises, new sports – you name it, we’ll be studying it. We know what we want from our travel experience and being open to learning anything new is the backbone of it all!
  • To make friends and meet people from as many cultures, religions and backgrounds as possible. Listen to the media and you’ll think the world is a big nasty place and you should just stay at home, we don’t think of it that way, neither should you. Travel is made by unique people and the experiences you have with them, our journeymaker posts prove that.

Now you know us, we want to know you!

Don’t leave it here. We want you to be part of our story, be that a twitter conversation, a night out on the town or whatever you see fit! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at

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