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Been: Generate Your Own Map Showing How Far You’ve Been

2 May , 2016  

Ever wondered how much of the world you’ve actually been to? Ever wanted to put a number on this? Also wanted this to be presented in map form? – Want no more…

I am a self confessed map geek, I love them, the walls of my bedroom have always been covered in maps, I spent the best part of £20k and 3 years studying them. I’m also an avid adventurer and traveler, determined to see as much of the world as possible.

Been combines all of the above perfectly into a very small (4.3mb) and simple app, all you do is tick which countries you have ‘been’ to, this is done from a list – categorised by continent, or searching by name. Then that is it, you’re done, the app will update the map, and a 3D globe, highlighting where you have been, in a grey and orange colour scheme which is very easy on the eye. It will also show the percentage of the world, and the percentage of each continent you have been to – I actually love the fact they added this in. It would have been very easy to have just stopped at the map, but it’s nice they went into the extra detail and provide you with statistics on your travels – hopefully, they’ll continue to add cool functionality to the app as time progresses.

I just love maps and been hits the spot

Bud Rating 4/5

If you’re a lover of maps, or an avid traveler interested in seeing how much of the globe you’ve actually been to, this app is a must have! You can also share the map very easily and that makes it all the more fun to share with your travel buddies.

Download it via the App Store or Google Play and then let us know in the comments below what % of the world you have been to!

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Scott's Been Map - 5% World - 21% Europe - 6% USA

Scott’s Been Map – 5% World – 21% Europe – 6% USA

Kyle's Been Map - 6% World - 15% Europe - 4% Asia - 5% North America - 3% Africa

Kyle’s Been Map – 6% World – 15% Europe – 4% Asia – 5% North America – 3% Africa

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24, Geography Graduate, Colouring-In Enthusiast, Amateur Cartographer, from the south east coast of England, seeking the ultimate adventure and sharing those experiences.

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