50 Ways To Save For Backpacking


50 Ways To Save For Backpacking

2 Feb , 2017  

With daily costs spiralling, it is important to keep track of the ‘little things’ if you are trying to save enough money to backpacking the world. We’ve put together an extensive list of 50 ways you may be able to save a few extra pounds towards your backpacking plans!

Cut out the alcohol  – drinking beer and wine or any other alcoholic beverage can have a bigger impact on your wallet than you think. Try cutting back slowly if you love it too much.

Sell gadgets you cannot take – somethings will simply be too big, others unnecessary – that doesn’t mean you should put them in the loft! Speak to friends and colleagues and shift you used gadgets.

Work overtime (if you’re offered it) saving money is great, but don’t turn down the offer of making more. Work as much overtime as you can, keeping the end goal in mind should make the grind easier.

Move back in with your parents – rent and bills can be very expensive. If you have the opportunity to move back in with the folks, then do it! It also means you get to spend more time with them before you start your travels, win win.

Take up free hobbies – there are so many fun but free hobbies to take up, trail running, blogging or sea swimming to name just a few! Open up your mind and you may be surprised about what you can do for nothing.

Cancel your Spotify subscription – at £9.99 per month, music subscriptions can create a massive dent in any saving plans. Consider free alternatives like soundcloud, to save those extra pounds!

Don’t order large meals – this one will benefit your waist line as well as your bottom line. Switch up your large for a regular and you’ll soon see the backpacking fund benefit.

Order tap water in the restaurant – drinking whilst your dining can be fun, but it’s usually pretty pricey! Consider switching out your Merlot for some good old tap aqua.

Cook & eat at home – this one couldn’t be simpler. Save all the cash of a dining out experience by dining in. You could even treat yourself to some Ribena…

Shop at budget super markets – if you are cooking at home, you’ll need ingredients. Avoid pricey, high-end supermarkets and head to the cheaper alternatives. There is big money to be saved here.

Take a shopping list and stick to it – when you do go shopping, don’t just go in there without a plan. Write up a shopping list before you go and stick to it else that half price chocolate may just end up in the basket too.

Make large meals and freeze leftovers – buying and cooking in bulk will always save you cash. If you can, make slightly larger meals and freeze portions for future lunches to smash a double saving.

Stop buying new clothes – keeping up appearances, or saving for travelling? Make do with the wardrobe you currently have and you’re bank balance will thank you for it.

If you need some more, buy second hand – sometimes you’ll need new clothes. Don’t immediately reach for the high street. Head to your local charity/thrift shop and scout out a bargain instead!

Take a second job – if you can afford to take it on, do it. There are so many opportunities out there for making money on the side that you’d be a fool for not considering it. We recommend fiverr for any special skills you may be able to market.

Invest in video games – having the latest game to loose yourself in can be the perfect option instead of heading out for an expensive night out. Get your FIFA on guys.

Avoid branded foods – Don’t just go for the branded option, try the unbranded stuff too. Sometimes there is no difference, or the unbranded could be better! Give it a go to kick-start your travel saving.

Don’t get a Costa in the morning – Stop spending £3 every morning on a coffee. You don’t need it and if you feel like you do, make your own. Get a Waitrose card for a free cappuccino every morning!

Cancel your Netflix subscription – We love a Netflix binge as much as the next person, but the £4.99 monthly subscription doesn’t help with saving. Cancel it if you’re up to date with Game of Thrones.

Exercise outside instead of the gym – With some memberships topping £75, the gym can be a money drainer. Instead, head for the hills for some hardcore outdoor HIIT.

Ask for cash/giftcards instead of presents – people will already be finding it hard to know what to buy you as a gift. Cash and giftcards can be a massive boost to any travel saving.

Unlock your phone and go SIM only – monthly contracts are expensive and you’re locked in. Try and get your current handset unlocked and get a SIM only deal, one-month rolling contracts are the best option.

Set up an automatic savings account – some banks offer automatic saving, where they’ll make up any purchases to the nearest pound and then save the difference for you. You’ll barely notice it, but it soon adds up

Visit free local attractions – there is no need to be bored. A quick Google search will return loads of free nearby attractions for you to visit and you’ll enjoy it even more knowing it’s not touching your backpacking fund.

Walk/cycle instead of driving – utilise what you were born with and move those feet! If it’s too far to walk, get on your bike. You’ll also be hitting your fitness goals too.

Make your lunches for work – with a little thought and pre-planning you can put together some super-tasty, super-filling lunches that will cost a fraction of a meal out.

Track your expenditure – this one isn’t immediately obvious, but could be your best tool for saving. By knowing what you spend and where you spend it, you’ll be able to highlight areas for improvement.

Apply for a smart meter – utility bills have never been so easy. Speak to your provider and ask for a smart meter (they’re usually free). These devices show you how much your spending on a daily basis allowing you to improve your energy (and money) saving skills!

Get a DIY haircut – £10 every few weeks soon adds up. Ask a friend (preferably one with beard trimming experience) to cut your hair for you. Any pair of electric trimmers should do the job. YouTube can also help!

Use coupons and online deals – if you are going out for a meal, or needing to buy some gear for your travel – make sure you scout the internet for the best up-to-date coupons and deals you can find. There is so much money to be saved here.

Skip the cinema – we’re not saying becoming a social hermit, just avoid the £15 entry fee’s for the latest blockbuster movie. Invite some friends round, make some popcorn and settle down for a more intimate film with a more reasonable associated cost.

Quit the smoking habit – this one should be a no brainer. Cigarettes cost so much money and while overall costs will vary with your usage, there is no doubting the large amount of money that can be saved here.

Buy a water bottle – not only will this help you hit your daily water quota, it’ll also save you cash in the long run. The decision to switch out the soda is easier when you have a proper water bottle to fill up.

Get the best interest rate – this is so far down the list for a reason. Getting the best interest rate on your savings is important, but compared to the small lifestyle changes already mentioned, any interest will be tiny in comparison.

Sell unwanted clothes on eBay – maybe you can’t take them with you, or perhaps you’ve simply out grown them. You’d probably be surprised at the amount of money second hand clothing can fetch. Bundle your items up for easy postage.

Don’t automatically renew insurance – don’t just accept any insurance renewals as the ‘cost’, get the best price, then phone other providers and haggle. You can save yourself plenty of cash if you do this with all your policies.

Choose cheaper breakdown cover – following on from that, breakdown cover can come in many forms and price brackets. Try switching up providers, or selecting a cheaper plan if your car usage allows you to.

Learn to say ‘no’ – this is probably one of the hardest ones to get to grips with. Saying no to an expensive meal out, or a few pints with the mates, might be hard and lead to short term ridicule – but keep the long term saving goal in mind and you’ll realise how important saying no can be.

Stop playing the lottery – of course we all dream about winning the big bucks and swapping our backpack for a private jet, but the chances of that are slim compared to the chances of you fulfilling your backpacking dreams if you are willing to sacrifice things like this!

Invest in a piggy bank – it might seem like a joke, but I can assure you it’s not! Having somewhere to store that loose change can easily add up to hundreds of pounds over the period of a year. Look after the pennys and the pounds will look after themselves!

Start sharing – getting out there and sharing can help cut all sorts of costs; from household bills to a bottle of wine – sharing can allow you to enjoy the little things, for a little fee.

Keep an eye out for free stuff – if someone is looking to get rid of a sofa, why invest your own money when you can get it for free? Likewise, if someone is looking to shift something of value, why not take it off their hands and look to sell it on for a profit.

Use cashback websites – not enough people appreciate just how easy and financially viable cashback websites are. Regardless of your saving, you’ll still have mandatory costs to live back home. By purchasing through cashback websites and apps you can earn yourself a decent wad for the travel fund.

Stop betting and loosing – if you’re a professional gambler, I’m not going to tell you to stop betting – but for the average Joe, just remember the bookies always win. Start betting on your chances of backpacking instead, we promise the odds will get shorter.

Turn down the heating – grab yourself a decent hoody and have a warm cup of tea. Where possible avoid excessive heating in your home, small changes can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Drive more economically – stick to the speed limits and read the road to avoid unnecessary stops and starts. If you’re car monitors fual economy – great, if not don’t be put off. Just keep track of how much petrol you are refilling with.

Stop going on holidays – always a toughy, but easier when you know you’ll be on a long break soon enough! This will also help you build up your annual leave, which (if you ask nicely), you may be able to get paid for once you leave.

Ask for student discount – again, if you are purchasing items and you are currently studying (or have recently graduated), then remember to ask for student discount! Sign up for an NUS card if you’re in the UK, or just try your campus card – it’s worth a go!

Grow your own food – whilst it’s a little different, it is more than justifiable. With rising food bills, why not consider growing your own fruit and veg?! Potatoes and carrots can be easily grown in tubs, whilst tomatoes grow well near a window. Experiment, save money and eat fresh.

Watch our vlogs, they’re free! – a bit of self promotion, we’re not sorry. If you’ve liked this list and think you’ll find some of the tips useful please share it with your future travel buddy. When you’re done doing that, head over to our YouTube channel where you’ll find a heap of backpacking inspiration right at your fingertips!

We hope this helps you get your travel fund to where it needs to be. If you have any other ideas on how to save, we’d love to hear from you!

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