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Hopper: Your Personal Flight Assistant

3 Jul , 2016   Gallery

This weeks spotlight will be focusing on flight helper app, Hopper. It’s already racked up the accolade of Apple’s best travel app 2015 and now it’s a featured app on – talk about going from strength to strength! Seriously though, this app is a lot better than my sarcastic humour – let’s take a look at it.

Time Saver

First and foremost this app can be a massive time saver. Instead of the regular need to check Skyscanner for the latest and greatest deals for your next destination, Hopper does it all for you. You can easily spend an hour a week working through the multiple deal websites to try and source the cheapest price you can find. That’s 4 hours a month, 48 hours a year. Add to that the time it takes for you to work out when is the best time to buy your flights (lets face it, that’s normally a shot in the dark) and your looking at some serious time saved with this gem of an app. This time saving element alone makes it a must have in any backpackers toolkit (or phone).

Tailored Notifications

No one likes receiving loads of spam notifications on their phone. Hopper makes sure that the only alerts you get are ones relevant to you and the custom routes you specify within the app. I have set up our next three flights that we are looking to book, they’re along way away but the app keeps me up to date with current prices and whether or not I should continue waiting before purchasing my tickets. As you can see, it has informed me that the price of my ticket to Delhi is likely to fall by £78 – not bad going! Even if I just use the app for this, then it is worth having.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I have sung Hopper’s praises the whole way through and now I’m going to bring the bad news. Once the flight reaches the ‘cheapest’ option, you have the ability to purchase the flight through Hopper. Now while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does mean you have another party to deal with regarding any issues with your booking. A quick Google of Hopper reviews and you’ll find a few forums with people discussing the apps trustworthiness. This is where alarm bells ring for me as there are plenty of people out there claiming that after booking flights from Hopper, they thought all was going well until they receive notification that their flight had been cancelled just before they were due to leave. Not the kind of surprise you want before you travel somewhere!

Bud Rating: 2/5

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Hopper – it has some great functionality built into it but I just can’t get over the issue around buying the flights through the app. On reflection I still feel the app is a staple for anyone looking to save some cash on their flights, but it needs to be used correctly. Steer clear from purchasing directly through the app – instead, utilise the ‘price calendar’ as well as the price notifications to ensure you purchase your flights when the time is right. Just make sure you go directly to the airlines to book. You may pay an extra 10% but you have piece of mind that if there are any issues with your flight, you can deal with the airline directly.

Still go and get this app, if only to play about with it and see what you think. There are plenty of pro’s to using Hopper, just make sure you are clever with how you do. 

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