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How-To: Backup your travel photos for free

11 Jul , 2016  

Backup your travel photos for free

As travelers / backpackers one thing we all do is take a massive amount of photos. These photographs are precious. Capturing the moment, enabling us to look back and enjoy that memory forever. Photo storage and backups are important. You can spend a lot of money keeping those memories safe. But in this post I will […]

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How To: Take Better Travel Photos On An iPhone

23 May , 2016  

Take Better Travel Photos On An iPhone

I don’t claim to be an expert photographer, far from it, I am the definition of amateur. But I thought I would share some of the simple techniques I use to make my photos look a little less terrible, and give the illusion I know what I am doing!

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How-to: Create Your Own Google Travel Map

9 May , 2016  

Google Travel Map

Today, you will learn how to create your own Google travel map. We find ours really useful and can honestly say it has helped us greatly during the planning phase of our trip. Plus it’s free and when you’re planning your trip, you’re likely saving for it too. Google maps is a great tool and what better […]

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