Deciding to come home

28 Jul , 2017  

There is no correct reason or time to come home, and no one can tell you when and why you should return. It is a decision that you must make yourself. But here are some of my experiences, and questions that I asked myself:

Where is my mind?

Instead of day dreaming and thinking about the next destination, or the cool things to do in the place I was in, my mind wondered to home… This happened over time. Of course, I would always have home on my mind, my girlfriend, family and friends. But my conscious thoughts slowly began to shift. I became more interested in the life waiting for me at home, and I wasn’t living in the moment.

This isn’t to say you cant dream, plan and think of home. But when it consumes you so much that it starts affecting the way your enjoy day to day life, it could be time for change…


Do I still get excited?

I became disinterested in the day to day travel life. I remember going to a temple in Thailand, and just thinking: “Oh cool, another temple.” It got to a point where I would be doing activities just because I felt obliged to do so, like it was a chore rather than something I actually wanted to do. And I would be moving onto the next destination just because that was the plan. Not because of any exciting, specific reasons.

These feelings didn’t last long, a few weeks at the most, and quickly disappeared when I had a flight home booked. It felt as if a weight had been lifted and could start enjoying travel life again.


What would life be like at home?

I’m very lucky that I had a place to go home to, a girlfriend, a family, friends and a potential job. I do not take this for granted. I appreciate that there is a lot of people that don’t have this, or they might not have a ‘home’ as I refer to it.

Of course this played a huge part in my decision, I am grateful I have been so lucky.

This isn’t the first time when pesky emotions were far more important to me than practical factors. Check out my post detailing the hardest part about starting travelling

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