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Top 10 Travel Gadgets for Backpacking around the World

27 Jan , 2016  

While there is no doubting the fact space is going to be at a premium in your backpack, some gadgets are must haves and others could help you save space! Here are our Top 10 Travel Gadgets.

Here are my top 10, based on what I think you need and what I like to have.


Swordfish VariPlug (Dual USB)

Swordfish VariPlug (Dual USB)

1) Travel Adaptor

This one definitely sits under the category of ‘must-haves’. I guarantee that you already feel you have too many adaptors, even before you’ve started travelling! Most decent adaptors now come with built in USB ports for charging up your electronic devices – I strongly recommend getting one with these. If you really love your gadgets then pair one of these up with an extension lead and you’ll have loads of space, just remember not to over-do it; hair dryers will cause problems!

I recommend: Swordfish VariPlug (Dual USB)



Gerber Micro Tool

Gerber Micro Tool

2) Multitool

I am not going to go in to detail on why a multitool is extremely valuable for your backpacking adventure – its obvious! They are versatile, reliable and they fit loads of individually brilliant tools into one small, easily packed piece of kit. I would recommend you invest appropriately in this and don’t head to your local poundshop to hunt for one. Sticking to a stainless steel model is the best option.

I recommend: Gerber Micro Tool



Urbanears Plattan ADV

Urbanears Plattan ADV

3) Headphones

While you don’t want to have them in all the time (you need to have your ears available to talk to all those new friends!), you will find that having a decent pair of headphones can be a godsend at times, usually when you’re travelling. Be it that you are watching a movie, listening to music or an ebook or playing a gameboy – not everyone wants to hear the sound associated with these, especially the gameboy I find! I’d recommend going for a pare of bluetooth headphones. Sounds stupid right? Not so. I have a pair that can connect via bluetooth or can be plugged in like a normal set of headphones (2 for 1). The added bonus of this is that when I am using the bluetooth, I can attach a second pair of headphones for my buddy to listen to too – now that’s cool.

I recommend: Urbanears Plattan ADV



Duronic Digital Luggage Scales

Duronic Digital Luggage Scales

4) Luggage Scales

Don’t get caught with excess luggage fees and buy one of these little gems! They have become increasingly travel friendly and you can pick up a small, affordable option up easily. Look our for build quality – you may as well get one that will last the trip! As with the multi tool, you can’t go too far wrong with a stainless steel model. As well as that look out for sturdy buttons as cheaper models can have difficulty turning off!

I recommend: Duronic Digital Luggage Scales


Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Laptop

Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Laptop

5) Laptop/Notebook

This one is clearly very personal to you and it may be that you decide not to take one altogether! There are huge benefits to taking your laptop with you. Firstly it’s a great way of researching your future destinations before you get there. Further to that, it can be a bridge between you and your friends and family back home, this also means it can be used to talk to potential employers – always handy when your on the road and looking to earn some cash! Personally I’d go got a MacBook air, that’s what I use and I find it to be the perfect balance of power and portability. Again, if you don’t need that added power, there are plenty of more affordable options available.

I recommend: Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Laptop


Sony DSCHX400V Digital Compact Bridge Camera

Sony DSCHX400V Digital Compact Bridge Camera

6) A Decent Bridge Camera

Like number 5, this will depend on the type of traveller you are. I love to enjoy the moment, but I also like to capture images that can freeze that enjoyment forever. You can definitely purchase a powerful compact camera if you have no interest in playing with any settings and the better quality photos aren’t that important to you. Likewise, if you want more manual control and slightly better quality again you could opt for a DSLR. I’m no photography expert, but I do believe one of these can go along way in helping you document you travel experiences. If you can opt for the more expensive models that come with WiFi, GPS and NFC – then do, you won’t regret it.

I recommend: Sony DSCHX400V Digital Compact Bridge Camera


LifeSaver 4000UF Bottle

LifeSaver 4000UF Bottle

7) LifeSaver Water Bottle

Traveling with the knowledge that you can access safe drinking water pretty much wherever you are is much better than not knowing where you’re next drop is going to come from when your out in the sticks. There are a whole host of options out there, varying costs, capacities, lifespans and filtering abilities – again, buy the one that suits the type of travel you’ll be doing. The LifeSaver bottle provides a pretty astounding 4000 litres before needing a full cartridge replacement (though more regular 250 later replacements for the carbon filter) and does the job of making water drinkable very well. It is slightly cumbersome, so with that in mind it won’t be suitable for those who like to pack small and light. If you’re looking for a complete filtration bottle solution though, it ticks all the boxes.

I recommend: LifeSaver 400 UF Bottle



GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro HERO4 Silver

8) Go Pro + Accessories

In addition to the bridge camera I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no harm in taking a GoPro too – I really recommend you do. The wide-angle shots offer a completely different type of photo, while it also lends itself to great group selfies. Brilliant for any adventure activities from hiking mountains to snorkelling the GoPro will perform. With countless accessories available you can find one that suits you, there are even some that allow you to mount your GoPro onto your surfboard, so you can catch the wave while the camera catches the shots. I really reccomend the 3 way mount as it gives you three great options in the same space of a normal selfie stick.

I recommend: GoPro HERO4 Silver


Anker PowerPort Solar (21W/2-port)

Anker PowerPort Solar (21W/2-port)

9) Solar Panel Charger

Make sure all your gadgets are charged up with one of these beauties! Obviously, the downside of this product is you need sun – but if you’re backpacking through the outback in the Aussie summer, let’s face it – you won’t need to worry about that. Just whip it out your pack, unfold it, plugin your run-down device and you’re off – grab the 21 watt version and you can even let your mate plug there iPhone in too. Sharing’s caring. In all seriousness this is one of my favourite in the top 10 travel gadgets and you can go to sleep knowing you didn’t burn any fossil fuels to top up your devices – winner.

I recommend: Anker PowerPort Solar (21W/2-port)



Trixes 4 Dial Padlock

Trixes 4 Dial Padlock

10) Reliable padlocks

With all the other top 10 travel gadgets, you need to take suitable measures to ensure your pack is as awkward as possible for any potential thief! Padlocks are a great place to start, they are easy and don’t require too much bother to put in place. Of course they aren’t going to guarantee 100% safety, but they do make your bag less appealing than the one without any padlocks sitting next to it. As well as protecting your pack, padlocks will come in handy in plenty of other situations, in hostels for example – you can use your padlock instead of the one provided, it gives you that added sense of security.

I recommend: Trixes 4 Dial Padlock


Have I missed out any gadgets you think should feature? Perhaps you don’t know why I have included something? Let me know your top 10 travel gadgets below.

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  1. John says:

    Great list! I have a pair of bluetooth beats and they have been brilliant so far on my travels. One less wire!!!

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