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A Short Story About Bed Bugs In Fiji

24 Mar , 2016  

7 years ago I had the trip of a lifetime. After graduating back in 2009 I decided I wasn’t ready to go straight into full time employment, I needed to do something that I had always dreamt of – travel the world!

I was in Brighton yesterday with James, my fiancé (who travelled the world with me) and we went past STA Travel and the memories just came flooding back. For us, STA is where it all began. 11 months travelling the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America – memories we will never forget.

I thought I would share one specific memory with you though, and this one isn’t so glamorous; BED BUGS!

So my other half and I were in Fiji at this point and had already completed about 9 months of our trip with no fear of the bed bugs. Trust me when I say that we had stayed in many of the cheapest places Asia had to offer – so were well versed on dingy sleep holes!

All Smiles Before The Bed Bugs Struck

All Smiles Before The Bed Bugs Struck

This hotel was actually one place we had booked up in advance. When we arrived we were told our room would be a twin even though we had booked and paid for a double, not ideal. After I had got over that, we went to the room to find our separate beds. We debated as to which bed to have before finally agreeing who’s was who’s – apparently putting me by the door was the best option as I would scare off anything trying to get into our room! After a lovely evening in the hotel restaurant we staggered back to our room and settled down to grab 8 hours of sleepy goodness.

The next morning, the sun was shining and I was ready for another day of adventures – dreaming of more sandy beaches and crystal clear water, I still am! James, however was not so ready. Apparently I wasn’t so scary after all as the bed bugs had bitten him alive. In fact, we counted around 136 bites all over his body. They had enjoyed a feast that night and James was the starter, the main and dessert!

Moral of our story is…

When travelling make sure you pick your beds wisely. Seriously though there are things you can do to prevent this happening on your trip! You can pick up sleeping bag liners that are lightweight and really don’t take up a lot of room in your backpack. This is what we had used around the rest of the world but on this night, it looks like it was just me that decided to! Stories like this are what make your travel memories.

You are not put on this world to just work and die.

Thanks for listening.

Mic x

Michaela (@IamKaylaBailey) is my older sister and along with her fiancé James went on the trip of a lifetime seven years ago. I’ve been bugging her to put together some short posts encompassing the stories they lived out when they were away. Luckily for you, my pestering has paid off – here’s to hoping I can persuade her to pen some future stories.

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