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Life In Numbers: 76, 27740, 665760

27 Oct , 2016  

I have been doing a bit of research recently, it might seem like I am trying to justify what I am doing – that is not the case. I’m also not trying to get you to reflect on the subject of mortality. I am simply refocusing your approach to time, because let’s face it, one thing we are all guilty of at times is wasting time with menial tasks and arguing for petty reasons. If you take one thing away from reading this, it should be the want to make the most of now.

Don’t chance that you might stumble over this post again in 3 years time. Bookmark it. Revisit it. Remember it.

76 Years, 27740 Days, 665,760 Hours

The average lifespan of a male born in the UK in 1992 is 76 years old (this just so happens to be me). Let’s face it we all love to be above average, but for this post we’ll say I only make it to my 76th birthday. That’s 27,740 days since the day I was born. Now let’s remove the days I have already used, of course I can remember them, but there is no way I am getting them back!

– 9,033 (to age 24.75)

That gives me 18,707 days to go and that is if I am lucky enough to be average. Work yours out.

Right now I have no commitments, nobody relying on me, no mortgage, no children. Once I do have those things (hopefully), my days will no longer be as valuable, at least for the purpose of travelling, as they are now. I won’t have the time, or money to be able to do it – even if I wanted to. Well, I might have the money – but time?! That’s something I definitely won’t have.

So let’s just say I have one child. I look after them for 18 years. Let’s not get into the nitty gritty of childcare here (see for more on that), though it is worth noting that it is likely to take up time before *wink face* and after those 18 years, but we’ll ignore that for now. That’s another 6,570 days for us to remove.

12,137 days to play with.

My ‘state pension’ age is 71. Let’s take those final 5 years off too as I’ll be too busy playing golf and driving my Merc (let me dream, please).

– 1,825 (5 years)


I don’t think I am a super fit individual, I enjoy the gym but I also enjoy bacon, double burgers and beer. While I hope I’m fit as a fiddle later in my life, chances are I won’t be as ready to rumble as I am now. I think a realistic age to aim for where I’m still fit enough to enjoy travel, to anywhere, doing anything, is 60. So time to remove the years from 60-71.

– 4,015 (11 years)

That leave us with 6,297 days. See where this is going yet?

Let’s just say that’s where it ends for the minuses (we’ll ignore the 5 working days in every 7).

We have roughly 17.25 years left. Where we are fit enough to live life and enjoy the things we love doing as much as possible. It’s not that long is it?

Mimento Vivere

“Remember to live.”

Make the most of every day and follow your dreams with every ounce of being you have.

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2 Responses

  1. kalison0515 says:

    Thank goodness I’m lousy at math, or I’d be depressed! I’m 57, fit, travel solo, work hard, play competitive tennis, and recently backpacked for the first time at Yosemite. I don’t want to look at my days as being numbered. Geez.

    • Kyle says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 it’s lovely to hear that you are making the most of life. I know it can be seen as a little morbid at times, but I always think it is good to reflect on what this all is – even if it’s emotional. Keep packing!

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