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Top 5 Travel Vlogs You Should Be Watching

2 Jun , 2016  

There is nothing we love more than the opportunity to continue learning about travelling and watching other people’s experiences are a great way to do this. Drop the books, magazines and blogs (only for a little while) and immerse yourself in some of our favourite video content with my top 5 travel vlogs.

Vlogs aren’t revolutionary – they’ve been about for a while. Yet I still think they are widely under used and as such, finding high quality content can be difficult. I’ve put together my top 5 travel vlogs so far of 2016 to try and give you a head start when it comes to finding vlogs that are right for you. The list contains creators from different backgrounds, because of this you’ll find some of the vlogs excel in production quality. Remember that while the production of a vlog is important, the story is what makes a good video. Just like with a blog, as long as it is readable (basic grammar and spelling a plus), an enticing story is what really makes a good post! So without further a do and in ascending order here are my top 5 travel vlogs.

Top 5 Travel Vlogs Rundown:

5) Vagabrothers

The Vagabrothers are a couple of cool bros from North America who make some unbelievably good looking videos. What comes across in all their vlogs is that they are just nice blokes, add to that their fun loving personalities and brotherly banter, you end up with some great content.

4) Expert Vagabond

Matt the ‘Expert Vagabond’ is arguably a very important reason as to why we’re travelling. was one of the first travel blogs I just couldn’t stop reading – Matt is a great story teller and whether that’s through written word of in 1080p, there is always a good reason to watch. While his vlogs are relatively new, they continue to improve with each new episode and I have no doubt the Expert Vagabond channel will be exploding pretty soon!

3) Fun For Louis

A travel vlog staple. Well known daily vlogger Louis creates engaging content on a regular basis – the majority of which highlights some great travel destinations as well as general life tips and everything in between. While Louis’ channel has grown to massive sizes, he still maintains his down to earth character that got him to where he is.

2) Mr Ben Brown

Similar in fashion to Louis, Ben is again a daily vlogger who takes in a lot of travel with his videos. His ‘visual vibes’ series offer up some stunning scenes to drool over while you consider where to visit next! I love how honest Ben is with his audience, regularly imparting pieces of wisdom as well as opening up some of his own issues. His channel is testament to how hard work and commitment is what’s needed to make a success of anything you want to do.

1) MeAndMyMisizVlog

Mia and John (M&J) are a couple from London who are currently exploring South East Asia and documenting it all with daily vlogs as they go along. Without a doubt, this has been my favourite go-to channel over the last few months and I am gutted that they will be returning home soon! None-the-less, the videos will remain and will be as useful to you as they have been to me. M&J started from the beginning with their vlog channel and have always been open to feedback and constructive criticism. It’s been great to watch there channel develop over the months and their shooting and editing has improved dramatically. The key thing with this couple if just how real they are. If something goes wrong, they react like normal people – if something goes great, they react like normal people. It’s hard to find vlogs that show the good and the bad and when you’re looking to learn about a particular place, having all the pro’s and con’s is essential. MeAndMyMisizVlog get it bang on with pretty much every episode and we know you’ll love them just as much as we do.

We’re always on the lookout for new travel vlogs to watch. Tell us about yours below and we may even add it to our top 5 travel vlogs list!

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