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Travel books, they are going nowhere

20 Jan , 2016  

You can probably spend the rest of your life reading through the countless travel websites out there, you won’t even touch the surface of it all. So why do I think travel books are here to stay?

Books have managed to survive the surge in electronic devices and their consequential attempt at ending the need for books altogether. While there are hundreds of places on the web for you to locate specific information on very particular places throughout the world, you can still use travel books. They offer you the chance to read without an internet connection, no distractions, simple and straightforward reading.

The books offer you the chance to read about somewhere you might have otherwise overlooked. One of the books in the image above, titled ‘The World’, contains a vast amount of information in an encyclopaedia style. When online, I find myself constantly navigating to information on places I know I am going to travel to, or places I have always dreamed of visiting. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be limiting. The World offers 3 to 4 pages of information on hundreds of countries, from Mozambique to Fiji, it makes it easy to read about a place you’ve never allowed to into your travel brain.

You can let people borrow them and trade them for other books. Yes, sure you can let your friend borrow your Kindle, but I doubt you would be so confident lending it to your new 2 day old hostel friend. A book on the other hand, whilst it contains valuable information, it isn’t as valuable to a opportunistic thief. When you’ve finished reading your Lonely Planet back-to-back ten times, you can easily leave it in your hostel and swap it for one you want to read. Good old fashioned trading.

When you’re getting ready to leave, books are great – at least that is what I am finding. I was lucky enough to be given quite a few by my sister, who travelled the world with her fiancé and built up a decent library of LP’s! Add to that the ones I have received as presents and I have plenty to pick up and maul over. They keep me interested, they keep me intrigued and above all they keep me hungry to pursue my dream of travelling the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your first travel book. If you have any great book recommendations, spill the beans on ’em below!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Great post. I have several hundred printed books and 1000’s of digital. I would guesstimate that 40% of my printed editions are travel guides. I always seek out interesting places of travel when I’m in the bookstore. I don’t like to buy Travel books online because I’m very picking about the way the information is layer out … and of course, there has to be a lot of pictures 🙂 I will research (buy books) to the max any destanation that I am traveling to. There is nothing that compares to having a highlighter and a printed copy in your hand!

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