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1 Apr , 2016  

Yeah yeah, so it might seem all glam – but really all traveling is doing for you is wasting your time and money. Who wants to go and see boring natural wonders or surf windy seas when you can sit at home after working 9 – 5 and watch some other ‘adventure dude’ do it for you?

Firstly you’re wasting your money. Think of all that money you’re about to spend, or have already spent on flights and accommodation alone! Not to mention the exorbitant costs of food and drink while you’re on the road. You could be spending that money on things that actually matter in life, like the new PS VR that’s coming out, the new iPhone 7 (we all know it’s going to be brilliant) or simply go and enjoy yourself on a Friday and Saturday night on the lash with the lads. How amazing does all that sound compared to getting blisters on your feet from walking all day long up a mountain! We know what we would prefer – sign us up for that VR.

Not only are you going to incur all those extra costs that you just don’t have with the normal ‘office-job’ lifestyle, you’re also going to waste so much time seeing loads of things around the world. Yeah okay so you might be able to help your team a bit more in the pub quiz when geography gets picked, buuuuut you could probably achieve the same by just sneaking to the toilet and Googleing it on your phone – save yourself the months and years. What a waste of time. Think of all that wasted time sitting on buses and trains and planes. All for what? To get from A to B, where all you’re going to end up doing is wasting more of your time. Who would even consider that to be fun?! We’ve done the sums and have worked out by not going traveling, we can each save ourselves 4 more hours per week purely based on our travel estimates! That’s 360 minutes of time we can spend on the PS4 beating each other at FIFA, seriously there isn’t even a decision to be made there.

We’re not going – our Instagram my dissapoint

Okay, we’ll admit that we like the idea of having some decent photos to put on our personal Instagram accounts for all of our friends, family and followers to gawp at! However, there are so many pictures of the places we wanted to visit out there already, so we can just copy them and claim them as our own. No-one will really know what the truth is, apart from us of course and we can live with that.

We don’t want to meet all the boring people who are all doing the same thing of traveling the world, where is the fun in that? Back home we both have really stable jobs where we get to talk to all kinds of people, most of whom have worked 9-5 nearly every day of their life. Why not do what has worked so well for every one else? That’s played a major part in us deciding that travel just isn’t for us.

Anyway, I feel like I have had enough of a rant now so I’m going to sign off. Here’s to a happy 1st of April everyone, hope you can finally see some sense before you take the plunge to travel!

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