Lodhi Gardens: Serenity Amidst Chaos


Chaos To Serenity & Back Again

23 Jan , 2017   Gallery

When we arrived in Delhi on January 16th we experienced all the madness from the get go; dodging tuk-tuks, the honking of the horns (as I write, I can still hear their constant drone) and the smell of human fluids, you can read more about that here. We booked our hostel based on other reviews people had left on Hostel World and Agoda – people describing it as a fun, good-value place to stay. The reviews on the whole were correct. We have enjoyed our stay at Zostel, Delhi – there has been warm showers morning and night, some great breakfasts and while the Wi-Fi has its ups and downs, we’ve found it to cope well with uploading our vlogs to YouTube!

Our first trip out of the ‘safe zone’ aka the hostel, was to a place called Lodhi Gardens in the southern part of New Delhi. We couldn’t have picked a nicer park to frequent to be honest. As we stumbled around the 500 year old tomb, the honks were gone, replaced with chirping birds and rustling leaves – we had reached a level of serenity I didn’t think was possible within Delhi.

As the sun began to set, the monkeys and swans turned in and we decided we should too. Jumping on the metro, a form of transport I can really recommend during any stay in the capital, we were back at New Delhi metro within 15 minutes. Once you leave the secure area of the metro, you are opened up once again to the Delhi delights of tuk-tuk touts and public urinals overflowing. It couldn’t have been more of a jump to what we had just experienced and it was further confirmation that the area we were staying in was evidently not the wealthiest.

During our escape to the gardens, we soon forgot to appreciate the relatively clean air – it was only when we were back in the thick smog of New Delhi that we realised how nice it had been to breath through our mouths.

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of New Delhi, then without a doubt head for the Lodhi Gardens. The chilled out vibe is exactly what the mind needs after non-stop noise, so get on the metro and head for the JLN Station metro and take a 50 rupee tuk-tuk to the park. Just know that at some point, you have to go back and face all the craziness once again!

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