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Grand Canyon – The South Rim Tour with Derek

12 Dec , 2015  

It is one of those places where you open your mouth, and nothing comes out. It is an awe inspiring and monstrous natural wonder, intertwined in 6 million years of history.

The South Rim Tour starts with Derek

South Rim Tour - Sweetours Bus

Our Sweetour Bus!

We were looking into what we could do in Vegas long before we got there and the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon immediately seemed like one we couldn’t miss. Though the 5 hour journey each way was definitely in the back of our minds. We considered splashing out a little more and going by helicopter, but where’s the fun in that? After researching into what tours were available and reviewing the trip advisor profiles of all the tours, we went for a company called Sweetours and their South Rim Tour. One name that continually pops up on TA is Derek, we had our fingers crossed that we would meet the continually praised man ourselves and experience the 5 star tour others had enjoyed so much. We were not disappointed.

Hoover Dam and Route 66

Hoover Dam Selfie

A dam good photo!

Part of the appeal with this particular company is that they ran a tour which had convenient stops on the way to the South Rim. Allowing you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of even more American history. Now, all this would be great on its own – Derek, however, followed it up with unquestionable knowledge on the dam itself and the history associated with it. Finding out that Lake Mead (the reservoir created by the dam), is at it’s lowest in 28 years is a surprise considering quite how big it is. You can clearly see where the lake used to sit and through the discolouration where it has fallen to over that period. We enjoyed a quick stop at the dam itself and were able to get some great views over the humngous construction, allowing for a few selfies along the way!

Route 66 Window Shot

Lonely Route 66 Town

Back on the bus we were treated by a short 60 minute documentary on Route 66 and a barber, who campaigned to protect the road from the many larger highways being built around it. Sure enough, we stopped off the barbers and would have been able to meet this gent had it not been the day before Thanksgiving! Still it was fun stopping off on the route and I was able to visit a small shop where I purchased a dream catcher for my little sister that was hand-made locally – I love that kind of stuff.

Wait for that first glimpse

Canyon View

Outstanding views of the South Rim

Now you commonly hear the phrase, “I’m lost for words”. At the top of the South Rim, I really was. Upon reaching our destination, Derek informed us of another spot a little further along from the ‘BRIGHT ANGEL LODGE’ – he repeated a good few times not to forget that name, I still haven’t. He also warned us that it would be cold, being from he UK we thought he was just too used to the Vegas sunshine buttttt he was right. It was about 2 degrees when we got out, with our thin hoodies we persisted and got some of the best views of the canyon. If you get a chance to do this, do it, you’re only there once so make the most of it!

Bright Angel Lodge Sign

‘Bright Angel Lodge’

Although the path of this tour is very well trodden. Don’t let that put you off experiencing one of, if not the best view in the world. I’d love to visit the West Rim at some point to walk out on the glass bridge – maybe next time!

Canyon Selfie

A Canyon selfie to finish!


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