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HERE Maps: Free Offline Navigation and Mapping

20 Jun , 2016  

No mobile data or WiFi? No problem. HERE Maps overcomes this common backpacking/traveling issue with free offline navigation and mapping, ready to download when you can get on WiFi.

Most people will stick to whatever mapping/navigation software comes with their device. Apple Maps for IOS, and Google Maps for Android. Most of the time these apps will do the job well, and in the case of Google Maps it does the job superbly. But these apps rely on having a constant internet connection, something you very rarely have whilst travelling. Fortunately HERE offers free offline navigation and maps in both their IOS and Android applications.

Downloadable Maps – free offline navigation

This is the sole reason I first downloaded and starting using Here Maps. I used it first when we visited Turkey and it worked perfectly, from seeing the route and distance from the airport to our hotel (even notifying me the bus driver was speeding), to navigating the towns and cities we visited. I also have special thanks to the app for safely getting me back to the hotel a couple of nights when I had a few beers and couldn’t remember the way to get home! Its so simple and easy to download the stuff you need. On the main menu of the app you hit the download maps button then select the area you need by continent > country, some countries even have the option to download specific regions in addition to the whole country itself.


User friendly interface

I would still recommend HERE maps even if it wasn’t that easy to use just because of the free offline navigation and maps, but that is far from the case. HERE maps interface rivals that of Google Maps, which is high praise indeed. The style is clean and simple and easy to read. It also offers the usual layers, such as satellite imagery and traffic information. It also has a public transport layer that highlights train stations, train lines, bus routes etc, which is a backpackers dream!

Bud Rating: 4/5

I have used this app on every trip I have been on outside of the UK (anywhere I don’t have a 3G signal) and it has always work superbly. HERE Maps has never let me down and the app only keeps on improving!

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If you have any apps or other tips and tricks that aid you during your travels, we would love to know, leave a comment below!

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