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5 Must Do Things In Vegas: Kyle’s Highlights

5 Dec , 2015  

Nothing can prepare you for Vegas. 24 hour food courts to fill up on and never ending slot machines, it really is a place like no other. Oh and 7 days is enough.

Here are my 5 Must Do Things in Vegas:

Heck, I’m not going to go on too much – I just want to give you my top 5 must do things in vegas. I think Scott is going to put forward a rival list soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Scott has put together his 5 must do things in Vegas – check it out!

1) Walk the strip

After landing and settling in at your hotel, I would suggest one of the first things you do is simply walk the strip. Yes it is almost 7km, but I promise it is worth it. You get a chance to see Vegas in all its neon glory, whilst smelling out all the eateries you can revisit later in your holiday. I’ll make a confession here, I didn’t walk the strip until the end of my holiday and I regretted that – make sure you don’t make the same mistake!

2) Watch a Cirque De Soleil performance

There is a plethora of shows for you to watch whilst out and about, I went to see Zarkana at the ARIA Hotel and I can only recommend it. Having been to a handful of west-end shows, I am not a complete newbie when it comes to theatre – though I can safely say I had never experienced anything quite like Cirque De Soleil. The gravity-defying show delivers from both comedic and dramatic perspectives and offers a truly unique couple of hours. Chair balancing, trapezes and wheel running – all backed by flawless vocals and an illuminating light show for good measure.

3) Try out the numerous burger joints

Anyone that knows me can tell you how much I like a burger, so believe me when I say you need to check out as many of the burger joints as possible – especially if you are from the UK and don’t get to experience these places on the daily. The first place I visited and the first to be recognised in my 5 must do things in vegas is In-N-Out Burger, it was bunbelievable. Their menu is beautifully simple, burgers or double burgers and each one is served with a bun-sized slice of crunchy onion. We also visited White Castle, the ‘slider-burger’ heaven and well renowned munchies go-to. I wanted to try the 100 sliders for $100, but the party I was with weren’t quite so hungry. Still even though I stuck to the standard 4 sliders, they were tasty and different – I followed them up with some chicken rings (I couldn’t resist), which were equally as interesting! The last place I visited was Wendy’s, the good ole’ American classic. Having opted for the 3/4 pounder I was not disappointed on the portion size and it made the 6am walk back to the hotel a much nicer one. There are plenty of other burger kitchens in Vegas that we didn’t get a chance to try, I’d love to hear of any recommendations!

4) Sip on a manhattan at Lily Bar

Although this is number 4, it easily makes it onto my 5 must do things in Vegas list. At $20 a pop, these drinks don’t come cheap – but you’re in the Bellagio so a little opulence is understandable right? The service was a little slow, but it is well worth the wait. Presentation is absolutely on point and the drink is put together in scientific fashion by the Bellagian mixologist. Placing a spherical ice ball into the glass, shots of bourbon are followed by vermouth a dash of cherry juice, some chocolate bitters and a twist of lemon zest – simply fantastic. The venue is just right too and wasn’t too busy (we went in November, it may be busier in peak season). A nice crowd and some rhythmic beats help ensure that the manhattan goes down even easier and, if you’re me, the second one is on order pretty sharpish. Don’t miss this brilliant bar.

5) Get gambling!

What is the point going to Vegas if you are not going to gamble! Don’t just do it willy-nilly, make sure you understand what you are doing before you start placing bets. There are so many apps available that offer great ways to learn to play the various casino games without spending a penny. If you are looking for a fun game, with some of the best odds you’ll find in a casino – I’d recommend ‘craps’. This game is also great as it enables you to avoid the tables $10 minimum bets and jump on one the many automated craps tables around. My favourite one was in Paris Casino, $3 bets mean that a win means something but your not all-out after 10 minutes. Remember to set a limit, say $50 a night and stick to it. I actually got on the flight home having won a few hundred bucks, while I am sure luck played a big part – learning the games before hand must have helped too.

Above all, get out there and take it all in – you are likely not there for long so make the most of it while you are! Be sure to let us know what your top 5 must do things in vegas would be!

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