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Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria: Nightlife Reviewed

2 Jan , 2016  

Puerto Rico is a perfect winters destination. Jump on a plane in the damp cold UK, get off in the sunny, picturesque island of Gran Canaria. 4 hours well spent. Where to go for that all important first drink though?


This little gem is based on the coast, if you walk in a south-westerly direction from the main town centre, you’ll uncover a small stretch of shops including this place. Offering a range of the standard beers you can find on the island, Wigwam goes one further with a full range of Belgian beers – whilst I cannot confirm they are all fabulous. The few I tried were, including the unfamiliar horned glass La Corne. Walk into the toilet and you’ll be greeted by a cascading waterfall – this is just another part of some great character in the bar. All in this is my favourite bar in Puerto Rico, so get down there for the Rugby if it’s on. Find out more on their website.

Durty Nelly’s

A quick walk down from our villa and we wound up along a strip of restaurants and bars. With a friendly mainly ex-pat atmosphere, it’s not going to be to everyone’s liking – but, they do pour a mean Guinness and have some great deals on Irish cider. I visited Nel’s on Christmas morning. They do a top notch full English breakfast and it was the perfect starter for Christmas day – if you visit hear get one, whatever time it is! We got down there for a couple of the football matches over the Christmas period. There are so many TV’s that they can cater for nearly everyones need – even if the pub is full!

Charlie’z and Friends

We had visited this place on a previous trip to the island and enjoyed it so much that we had to return again. My mum had fond memories of the Pina Coladas here and although she didn’t get the 1ft glass with a parrot and a shiny parasol, she still really enjoyed the cocktail! Nice cheap beer and a decent menu make this place a nice little stop-off. I had one of their veal burgers, the meat was succulent and it was cooked exactly how I like it.

In your Villa/Hotel!

Sometime you just need to sit back and relax – sometimes, there is no better way to do that than in the comfort of you own place. With very reasonably priced Spanish beers available from the supermarkets and equally as affordable, enjoyable wine, there is plenty to choose from for a quiet (or loud) night in with your friends.

I’d love to hear any other places in Puerto Rico worth a visit, I will try and get check them out next time I’m there!

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